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8″ Fisherman’s Trivet


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The Fishermans’ Trivet is made from lobster fishing float rope and is handcrafted in Nova Scotia, Canada on the shores of the Bay of Fundy. This traditional 4 Bight Turks’ head knot has been tied for centuries and was originally crafted aboard a ship for decorative purposes. This trivet helps prevent damage to tables and counter tops from hot pots. Easy to wash with soap and water, lay flat to dry.

We are situated in central Nova Scotia, Canada, on the Bay of Fundy with some of the worlds’ highest tides. Lobster fishing communities on the Bay, Northumberland Strait, and Atlantic Ocean are a short drive away.

All For Knots’ intent is to keep history alive, rope out of landfills, and create designs that generate memories that “Connect with the Sea” allowing folks to experience the ocean at their door, wherever that may be.



Memories of hours spent along the shores beachcombing, skipping stones, swimming, clam digging and fishing. Many times after fishing mackeral, we cleaned the fish then would head to the provincial campground down the road from my grandmothers. My first experience at about 7 years of age of selling wholesale. Selling fresh cleaned mackeral to campers ½ dozen for .50 cents. My mothers’ family grew up on the ocean and were a family of crafters making quilts, tanning hides, knitting, sewing while my father’s interest in woodworking, learning history and exploring nature. My crafting interests led me to basket weaving, which I did socially for a few years before coming upon a handwoven doormat around 2008 that made me connect right away with my family and the ocean. I wanted to learn how to make the doormat and it was constantly in the back of my mind. I couldn’t find anyone to show me so I began reading books on seafaring and the sailors knots used aboard ship and about the crews that passed their time by making the knots for many uses aboard ship and then started researching the knots and how they were tied. This curiosity and thirst to learn more brought me to try my hand at knot tying.

I took a two-hour course to learn one knot and I was hooked. More research, practice, learning various knots and learning business has kept All For Knot growing with plans for expansion.

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