Classy Cards Greeting Cards


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Interior: Blank

Envelope: White

Format: A2 / 4.25"x5.5"

Material: Heavy White Card Stock

Comes packaged in cellophane sleeve. Sold individually.

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Holiday Checklist, HH From East Coast, Prosec-Ho-Ho-Ho, Lit As F*ck, Merry F*ing Christmas, Santa Bra, Thanks For, Fucking Sucks, Gin & Tonic, Shit Got Real, Olive You, Let's Party, HB Fucker, 2-3 Glasses, Congratu-F-Lations, To Mom/Dad, Love Is, Whore, Care About Wine, Bright Side, Fuck List, Mom Mom, You're My Lobster, Like Father/Son, Classy as Fuck, Dad Text, Marriage Is, Name a Baby, Hungover Hours, Tis The Season, Drunk by 9:00, Happy Fucking Bday, Eat the Whole Cake, I Fucking Love You, Married and Shit, Do Life, Age & Wine, Tag on Instagram, Excited for Christmas, Light That Shit Up, Blitzen, Always Being Older, Drink & Judge, Blow Me, You've Aged Well


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