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Charcuterie Boards in a variety of woods and stain colours. Each one is unique.

Measurements: approximately 17.5” long by 7” wide x 1” tall.

Being part of a large family here in Nova Scotia I have always counted myself lucky. Lucky to live in such a beautiful place, lucky to be around so many beautiful people, and lucky to always have strong role models who stepped up to put me in my place and guide me through life.

These role models did well to encourage my love of working with my hands from a young age. From helping build garages to growing vegetable beds to working with a stone mason, I was always in the thick of things helping any way I could and learning as much as possible. My grandfather especially helped me, and as a tribute to him, is reflected in my logo as the ships wheel. Steering me straight and being a fixture I could always hold onto to weather any storm.

When I came of age, I joined the long family tradition of military service. After proudly serving a total of 12 yrs, I transitioned into a civilian career in order to spend more time with family. Around that time I met my wife and best friend, and it was her support and encouragement that has continuously encouraged me to do things I would lack the confidence to do otherwise.

It was her who inspired and supported me to start my own hobby business to fuel my need to create beautiful pieces, and to own some beautiful tools ;) And while the business is still in infancy, my passion and love of working with wood, is not. I love a challenge and have taken on many since creating and growing Never Board. I once had a client refer to me as a wood artist, and that made an impression I doubt she realizes. I always strive to provide a high level of product, that does not just fill a basic functional need, but creates a sense of wow. The best feeling has always been, seeing the look of wonderment and awe in the faces of those I have created custom pieces for.

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Dark Brown, Golden, Light Brown, Red


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