Fruit Spread – Strawberry Rhubarb 100ml


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The yin and yang of fruit combos. sweetness and tartness, for deliciousness. 


Recapture the Flavour of Grandmother’s Kitchen

Recapture the flavour of grandmothers kitchen with this old favourite. Who does not like strawberry rhubarb jam ? We've taken a little of the sugar out, and kept all of the fruit and flavour !

This is truly an old favourite that I can't claim to have invented, but we sure do make a good one ! We had to include this one, its a very special one, for a very special brother in law who is addicted to it, and we are very happy to send it to him.

We use the world's best local strawberries, and combine those with our freshly grown German Wine Rhubarb. All we do is mix everything together and bring it to a boil… ta.. da !

Ingredients: strawberries, rhubarb, sugar, fruit pectin.

Refrigerate after opening 

All our spreads are fabulous on fresh breads and toast, or bagels. Try them in recipes like thumbprint cookies, or any other cookie or square recipe that calls for jam. You can also use a little to spark up some plain yogurt in a much more healthy way than the sweetened yogurts.


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