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Peggy’s Cove Book by J.F.B Livesay


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736 in stock

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One of the most painted and most frequently visited spots in Canada is Peggy's Cove, on the Nova Scotia coast. It is a tourist paradise, and has been photographed, sketched, painted and applauded no end. To the neighbourhood went J.F.B. Livesay for years. He was in the land of friends, and was regarded as one of them, a sort of old-timer. He brought his cronies with him, his camera and his vast stores of affection. The result is this book.

This is the last work from the hand of J.F.B. Livesay, for death took him before the proofs were ready. But the book was perfect to the last detail, and in this much of the man himself lives. It is a beautiful book, glorious with his photographs, and vibrant with his zest for life. Here is a book for the tourist, for the artist and teacher, but it is also a warm human document, a delightful Canadian memoir of happy summers by the sea, done by the founder of the Canadian Press, a rare and noble spirit.

"The beautifully printed and written book by Mr. Livesay is a highly deserved tribute to a brave and inspiring community of fisher folk… The characters described and the moods of the place are told humanly and from the heart of a poet." GEORGE MATTHEW ADAMS

"An intimate portrayal of Peggy's Cove, its people and their significance. Lavishly illustrated from prints made by the author, who was one of Canada's foremost amateur photographers, and beautifully produced, it reflects faithfully the unstudied charm of the land and sea it depicts." HALIFAX HERALD


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